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Text Box: Don’s Christmas 2006 Wish List
Text Box: I’ve been good...really I have!
Text Box: Guitar Hero 2 Strategy Guide
By Brady Games $25 

Books for my IPOD
Book credits are about $15 

Sharper Image
Turbo-Clipper  $50
PowerTie Tie Rack $70
BBQ Grill Fork Thermometer $30

Gift Certificates
Best Buy, Nordstrom 

iTunes Music Store Gift Card
www.apple.com or the Apple store  $10, $25, $50

Microsoft Lifecam
VX 6000 Webcam
Microsoft  $90 

Text Box: Clothes
Text Box: Pajamas
Something that would also work for lounging around the house.

Stick with textured rep stripes, any brand at Nordstrom etc will do
Brooks Brothers rep stripes $60-90
Nordstrom, Canali, Zegna or Faconnable rep stripe $40-90
Ferragamo prints $90-$130  
Hermes  $140

black dress shoes Allen Edmunds, Ferragamo, or Alden  take me along to pick out the right ones $250-$500
Text Box: Casual clothes 
As long as you stick with Faconnable or Lacoste it will be hard to go wrong.  Both Brands are available at Nordstrom: shirts M or size 5 euro, pants W34 L 30-32  Also looking for a more dressed up version of my Kaki cargo pants. Faconnable boxers in size 34 (you find these at Nordstrom)

Cuff Links 
I prefer the ones that fold since they are much easier to get on. Good brands include Mont Blanc , Gucci , Cartier, Ferragamo, Ferragamo are also the best value but no brand name is requires as long as they look good, please no gold or brass $100-600

Best Buy


Electronic Boutique


Ermenegildo Zenga


Mont Blanc








Circuit City




Brooks Brothers




Dom Perignon $110

Moet & Chandon White Star $40



Cabernet , Merlot, Chianti are favorites



Patron Silver  $60